CSCI 3310
Operating Systems

Bowdoin College
Spring 2018
Instructor: Sean Barker


The course schedule is tentative and subject to change. This page will be updated frequently to reflect the most up-to-date schedule.

MonJan 221IntroductionCh. 1, Ch. 2
WedJan 242System Calls, OS OrganizationCh. 6
MonJan 293ProcessesCh. 4, Ch. 5, forktest.c
WedJan 314CPU SchedulingCh. 7, Ch. 8
MonFeb 55ThreadsCh. 26,
WedFeb 76Synchronization, Mutex LocksCh. 27, Ch. 28
MonFeb 127SemaphoresCh. 31, semaphore-exercises.pdf
WedFeb 148Monitors & Condition VariablesCh. 30, Appendix D
MonFeb 199Readers and Writers, Dining Philosophers
WedFeb 2110Deadlocks, Memory ManagementCh. 32, Ch. 13
MonFeb 2611Address Translation, SegmentationCh. 15, Ch. 16, Ch. 17
WedFeb 28No Class: Cancelled
MonMar 512PagingCh. 18
WedMar 7Midterm Exam
MonMar 12No Class: Spring Break
WedMar 14No Class: Spring Break
MonMar 19No Class: Spring Break
WedMar 21No Class: Spring Break
MonMar 2613Paging & Address Translationtranslation-exercises.pdf
WedMar 2814Paging Performance and TLBsCh. 19
MonApr 215Page Tables & Demand PagingCh. 20, Ch. 21
WedApr 416Page Replacementreplacement-exercises.pdf, Ch. 22
MonApr 917Multiprogramming & Memory AllocatorsCh. 17
WedApr 1118I/O DevicesCh. 36
MonApr 1619Hard Disks & Disk SchedulingCh. 37
WedApr 1820Files and DirectoriesCh. 39
MonApr 2321File System ImplementationCh. 40
WedApr 2522Project 4 Lab Time
MonApr 3023Flash SSDsCh. 44
WedMay 224VirtualizationAppendix B
MonMay 725Cloud Computing
WedMay 926Cloud Computing, Wrap-up