CSCI 2101B
Data Structures

Bowdoin College
Fall 2021
Instructor: Sean Barker


The course schedule is tentative and subject to change. This page will be updated frequently to reflect the most up-to-date schedule. JS refers to the free Java Structures book.

WedSep 11in-personIntroduction, Lab 0Intro Slides
FriSep 32in-personVariables & TypesJS Appendix B
MonSep 63in-personFunctions, Conditionals,
WedSep 84in-personObjects &
FriSep 105in-personObjects &
MonSep 136in-personArrays, Lab
WedSep 157in-personInterfaces &
FriSep 178in-personLists, Maps, &
WedSep 2210in-personDebugging, Lab 2
FriSep 2411in-personDynamic
MonSep 2712in-personAsymptotic Analysis & Big OBig O definition
WedSep 2913in-personBig O & Dynamic ArraysJS 5.1 Lab Interlude
FriOct 114in-personSearching and SortingJS 6.1-6.3
MonOct 415in-personComparators, Lab 3
WedOct 616in-personLinked
FriOct 8in-personMidterm Exam 1
MonOct 11No Class: Fall Break
WedOct 1317in-personLinked Lists
FriOct 1518in-personStacks and Queues
MonOct 1819in-personLab 4
WedOct 2020in-personArray
MonOct 2522in-personIteration and
WedOct 2723in-personLab 5
WedNov 326in-personRecursion, Lab 6
MonNov 828in-personBinary
WedNov 1029in-personLab
FriNov 1230in-personTree Iteration, Priority
WedNov 17in-personMidterm Exam 2
FriNov 1932in-personHeaps, Binary Search Trees
MonNov 22No Class: Thanksgiving Break
WedNov 24No Class: Thanksgiving Break
FriNov 26No Class: Thanksgiving Break
MonNov 2933in-personBinary Search
WedDec 134in-personLab 8
FriDec 335in-personBinary Search Trees, AVL Trees
MonDec 636in-personHash Tables
WedDec 837in-personHash
FriDec 1038in-personHash Functions &