CSCI 2330
Introduction to Systems

Bowdoin College
Spring 2016
Instructor: Sean Barker


The course schedule is tentative and subject to change. This page will be updated frequently to reflect the most up-to-date schedule.

TueJan 261IntroductionCh. 1 (skim)
ThuJan 282Bits and BinaryCh. 2.1, binary-exercises.pdf
TueFeb 23Data Representation: IntsCh. 2.2, integer-exercises.pdf
ThuFeb 44Integer Arithmetic & OverflowCh. 2.3
TueFeb 95Project 1, Signed vs Unsigned
ThuFeb 116Data Representation: FloatsCh. 2.4, floating-exercises.pdf
TueFeb 167Endianness, Strings, and Assembly
ThuFeb 188x86-64 Basics, Data MovementCh. 3.1-3.4, addressing-exercises.pdf
TueFeb 239Arithmetic, Control FlowCh. 3.5-3.6
ThuFeb 2510Control Flow and GDBGDB BitBomb demo
TueMar 111Switches & ProceduresCh. 3.7
ThuMar 312Procedures, Arrays, and StructsCh. 3.8-3.9
TueMar 813Arrays, Structs, and Buffer Overflows
ThuMar 10Midterm Exam
TueMar 15No Class: Spring break
ThuMar 17No Class: Spring break
TueMar 22No Class: Spring break
ThuMar 24No Class: Spring break
TueMar 2914Code Injection & Return-Oriented ProgrammingCh. 3.10
ThuMar 3115Program PerformanceCh. 5
TueApr 516Program Performance
ThuApr 717Caching and The Memory HierarchyCh. 6.2-6.3
TueApr 1218Direct-Mapped CachesCh. 6.4-6.5
ThuApr 1419Associative Cachescache-exercises.pdf
TueApr 1920Exceptions and ProcessesCh. 8.1-8.3
ThuApr 2121Process ManagementCh. 8.4, forktest.c, fork-exercises.pdf
TueApr 2622Systems Programming & Shellswaittest.c
ThuApr 2823SignalsCh. 8.5, sigtest.c, alarmtest.c, killtest.c
TueMay 324Concurrency, Memory Management
ThuMay 525Page Tables, Threads, & Linking
TueMay 1026Guest Lecture & Exam Review