CSCI 3310
Operating Systems

Bowdoin College
Fall 2022
Instructor: Sean Barker


The course schedule is tentative and subject to change. This page will be updated frequently to reflect the most up-to-date schedule. Chapter sections refer to the free OSTEP textbook.

WedAug 311Introduction, Project 1Ch. 2 Intro Slides
FriSep 22System CallsCh. 6 Organization Slides
WedSep 73OS Organization
FriSep 94Processes, CPU SchedulingCh. 4, Ch. 7 Process Slides
WedSep 145CPU SchedulingCh. 8 Scheduling Exercises
FriSep 166Threads, SynchronizationCh. 26, Ch. 27 Synchronization Slides
WedSep 217Mutex Locks, Project 2Ch. 28
FriSep 238Condition Variables, MonitorsCh. 30, Appendix D
WedSep 289SemaphoresCh. 31 Semaphore Exercises
FriSep 3010Readers/Writers, Dining Philosophers
WedOct 511Deadlock, Project 3Ch. 32
FriOct 7No Class: Work on projects
WedOct 1212Memory Management & RelocationCh. 13, Ch. 15 Memory-basic Slides
FriOct 1413SegmentationCh. 16
WedOct 19Midterm Exam
FriOct 2114PagingCh. 18 Memory-paging Slides Translation Exercises
WedOct 2615Paging Performance & TLBsCh. 19
FriOct 2816Page Table Storage, Demand PagingCh. 20, Ch. 21
WedNov 217Page ReplacementCh. 22 Replacement Exercises
FriNov 418LRU Approximations, Project 4
WedNov 919Memory & Multiprogramming
FriNov 11No Class: Instructor away
WedNov 1620Free-Space ManagementCh. 17
FriNov 1821I/O Devices & DisksCh. 36, Ch. 37, Ch. 44 I/O Slides
WedNov 23No Class: Thanksgiving Break
FriNov 25No Class: Thanksgiving Break
WedNov 3022File SystemsCh. 39, Ch. 40 Filesystems Slides
FriDec 2No Class: Instructor away
WedDec 723File Allocation
FriDec 924Virtualization & Wrap-upAppendix B Virtualization Slides