CSCI 1101B
Intro to Computer Science

Bowdoin College
Fall 2014
Instructor: Sean Barker


The course schedule is tentative and subject to change. This page will be updated frequently to reflect the most up-to-date schedule.

MonSep 81IntroductionChapter 1
Sep 8/9No lab
WedSep 102Graphics & Event HandlingChapter 2,
MonSep 153Graphics &,
Sep 15/16L1A "No Clicking" Sign
WedSep 174Graphics, Variables, & NumbersChapter 3,,,
MonSep 225Graphics, Variables, &,,,,
Sep 22/23L2Lots of SquaresJava Programming Guide
WedSep 246ConditionalsChapter 4,,
Sep 29/30L3Sorting Laundry
WedOct 18Classes and Objects, ReviewChapter 6,,
MonOct 69Classes and ObjectsChapter 8
Oct 6/7Midterm Exam 1 (Programming)Chapters 1-4
WedOct 8Midterm Exam 1 (Written)Chapters 1-4
MonOct 13No class: Columbus Day
Oct 13/14No lab: Fall break
WedOct 1510Classes and,,
MonOct 2011While-Loops and AnimationChapters 7, 9,,,
Oct 20/21L4Growing Flowers
WedOct 2212While-Loops and,,
MonOct 2713While-Loops and,,,
WedOct 2914Primitive Types and OperationsChapter 5,,,,
MonNov 315Strings and Text ManipulationChapter 16,
Nov 3/4L5Boxball
WedNov 5No class: Instructor at conference
MonNov 1016Strings and Text
Nov 10/11L6Cryptography
WedNov 1217RecursionChapter 12,,,,
MonNov 17Midterm Exam 2 (Written)Chapters 5-9, Exam 2 Practice Problems
Nov 17/18Midterm Exam 2 (Programming)
MonNov 2419For-LoopsChapters 13,,,
Nov 24/25L7Sierpinski's Gasket
WedNov 26No class: Thanksgiving Break
MonDec 120ArraysChapter 14,,,
Dec 1/2L8Nim
MonDec 822Multidimensional ArraysChapter 15,,,,
Dec 8/9L9Blur
WedDec 1023Review and,,
SunDec 21Final ExamChapters 12-16, Exam 3 Practice Problems