CSCI 2101
Data Structures

Bowdoin College
Fall 2017
Instructor: Sean Barker


The course schedule is tentative and subject to change. This page will be updated frequently to reflect the most up-to-date schedule. JS refers to the free Java Structures book.

ThuAug 312Types, Operators, & FunctionsJS Appendix B,
MonSep 43Conditionals, Loops, &
WedSep 64Objects & Classes,,
ThuSep 7L1Silver Dollar Game
MonSep 115Interfaces &,,
WedSep 136Lists, Maps, and,
ThuSep 14L2Infinite Monkey Theorem
MonSep 187Scoping,,
WedSep 208ArrayList
ThuSep 21L2Infinite Monkey Theorem (cont)
MonSep 259Big-O AnalysisJS 5.1
WedSep 2710Searching and SortingJS 6.1-6.3,
ThuSep 28L3Call to Order
MonOct 211Linked
WedOct 412Linked Lists, Lab 3, Exam Review
ThuOct 5Midterm Exam 1
MonOct 9No Class: Fall Break
WedOct 1113Linear,
ThuOct 12L4Super Sudoku Solver
MonOct 1614Linear Structures
ThuOct 19L5The Two Towers
WedOct 2517Binary,
ThuOct 26L6Hexapawn
MonOct 30No Class: Weather
ThuNov 2L7Recursion
WedNov 8Midterm Exam 2
ThuNov 9L8Lexicon, Helicon, Lexical
MonNov 1320Priority Queues
ThuNov 16L8Lexicon, Helicon, Lexical (cont)
MonNov 2022Binary Search,
WedNov 22No Class: Thanksgiving Break
ThuNov 23No Class: Thanksgiving Break
MonNov 27L9Darwin
WedNov 2923Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees
ThuNov 3024Hash,
MonDec 4L9Darwin (cont)
WedDec 625Hash Tables, Hash,
ThuDec 726Darwin, Wrap-up