Mathematical Musings

Before I ever finished my undergraduate work in Mathematics I had already twice won the Nobell Prize for Getting By In Mathematics (1993,1994).* Both of these awards came to me while I was in my Junior year when I was studying Differiential Geometry. While studying DG, I finally realized just how unsuited I am for intense mathematical research. Though I accepted this with dignity, I refused to believe that four years of undergraduate math didn't qualify me to create at least a couple of nifty theorems. I admit the ones I have formulated function more towards the study of the study of mathematics, rather than mathematics per se, but nevertheless I adamantly adhere to their validity and usefulness. I present here my revolutionary theorems.

For the more conservative mathematician, I recommend the Francis 1-2-3 Theorem

Mathematics History

Below is a form which (through the magic of javascript) allows you to see a biography of a specific historical mathematicians (my peers). This form makes a basic search of the McTutor Archive by last names of mathematicians. If this search doesn't find the mathematician you want, link directly to the McTutor Archive for a complete listing.

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*DISCLAIMER: This, of course, is the Buddy Nobell prize, sadly too often mistaken with this other upstart organization that I guess some people follow. I give them the common courtesy of linking to their site, though they have yet to return the kindness.