CSCI 1101
Intro to Computer Science

Bowdoin College
Spring 2016
Instructors: Eric Chown, Sean Barker, Clare Bates Congdon


Note: The specific dates and class numbers below pertain to Section B of the course. While all sections will roughly follow this schedule of topics, the exact dates, topics, and examples covered in particular classes may vary across other sections.

The course schedule is tentative and subject to change. This page will be updated frequently to reflect the most up-to-date schedule.

To set up your computing environment, please follow the CSCI 1101 Environment Setup Guide.

TueJan 261IntroductionCh. 1
ThuJan 282Expressions and MathCh. 2
TueFeb 23FunctionsCh. 3
ThuFeb 44Functions and StringsCh. 4
TueFeb 95Boolean ExpressionsCh. 5,
TueFeb 167Methods and ListsCh. 7,
ThuFeb 188ListsCh. 8,
TueFeb 239List IterationCh. 9,
TueMar 1Midterm Exam 1Ch. 1-5, 7-8, 9.1-9.4
TueMar 812Iteration and User Input
ThuMar 1013File ProcessingCh. 10
TueMar 15No Class: Spring break
ThuMar 17No Class: Spring break
TueMar 22No Class: Spring break
ThuMar 24No Class: Spring break
TueMar 2914File Processing and SetsCh. 11,, lec14-sh.txt,
ThuMar 3115Sets and, beans.txt
ThuApr 717Dictionaries, Exceptions, and
TueApr 19Midterm Exam 2Ch. 8-11
ThuApr 2120Recursion and,,
TueApr 2621Object-Oriented ProgrammingCh. 14,
ThuApr 2822Object-Oriented Programming
TueMay 323Object-Oriented
ThuMay 524Regular, Python Regex Documentation
TueMay 1025Regular Expressions,