CSCI 1101B
Intro to Computer Science

Bowdoin College
Spring 2015
Instructor: Sean Barker


The course schedule is tentative and subject to change. This page will be updated frequently to reflect the most up-to-date schedule.

TueJan 201IntroductionChapter 1
WedJan 21No Lab
ThuJan 222Graphics & Event HandlingChapter 2,
TueJan 27No Class: Weather
WedJan 28L1A "No Clicking" Sign
ThuJan 293Graphics &,
TueFeb 34Graphics, Variables, & NumbersChapter 3,,
WedFeb 4L2Lots of Squares
ThuFeb 55Graphics, Variables, &,,
TueFeb 106ConditionalsChapter 4,,
WedFeb 11L3Sorting Laundry
ThuFeb 127Conditionals[MAKEUP CLASS],,
TueFeb 178Classes and ObjectsChapters 6, 8,,
WedFeb 18L4Growing Flowers (both parts)
ThuFeb 199Classes and
TueFeb 24Midterm Exam 1 (Written)Chapters 1-4 (sample problems on Blackboard)
WedFeb 25Midterm Exam 1 (Programming)Chapters 1-4 (sample program on Blackboard)
ThuFeb 2610Classes and,
TueMar 311Classes and
WedMar 4No Lab: [part 2 of Flower lab]
ThuMar 512Primitive TypesChapter 5
TueMar 10No Class: Spring Break
WedMar 11No Lab: Spring Break
ThuMar 12No Class: Spring Break
TueMar 17No Class: Spring Break
WedMar 18No Lab: Spring Break
ThuMar 19No Class: Spring Break
TueMar 2413While-Loops and AnimationChapters 7, 9,,,,
WedMar 25L5Boxball
ThuMar 2614While-Loops and,,
TueMar 3115Strings and Text ManipulationChapter 16,
WedApr 1L6Cryptography
ThuApr 216Strings and Text,,
TueApr 7Midterm Exam 2 (Written)Chapters 5-9
WedApr 8Midterm Exam 2 (Programming)
ThuApr 917RecursionChapter 12,,
WedApr 15L7Recurring Recursion
TueApr 2120For-Loops and ArraysChapters 13, 14,,,
WedApr 22L8Nim
ThuApr 2321For-Loops and,,,
TueApr 2822Multidimensional ArraysChapter 15,,
WedApr 29L9From the 2nd Dimension
ThuApr 3023Guest Lecture & Multidimensional Arrays
TueMay 524Review &
WedMay 6L10Shared Scribbling
WedMay 13Final Exam (Written & Programming)Chapters 12-16