[Bowdoin Computer Science]

CS 350: Algorithms for Geographic Information Systems

Spring 2004

T, Th 1:00 - 2:25 in Searles 126/224

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Prerequisites: CS231-Algorithms (or permission of instructor)

Instructor: Laura Toma
Office: 219 Searles Hall
Email: ltomaATbowdoin.edu (replace AT with @)

Office hours: TBD; Also, any time I am in the office (and in a good mood :)). Or, just send me an email to setup a (different) time.

Class Email: csci350ATbowdoin.edu (replace AT with @)

Class webpage: http://www.bowdoin.edu/~ltoma/teaching/cs350/spring04
Bowdoin class webpage: http://academic.bowdoin.edu/courses/s04/csci350/

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Programming projects

The final goal is to implement a primitive Geographic Information System. The projects will be challenging and will solve real-world problems on real-world data.

The projects will be made available online as the semester progresses and will be due roughly every two weeks. If you need an extension, just talk to me. I am well aware that programming time can vary deeply from person to person and from day to day. Rather than submitting bad or incomplete code, I prefer that you take extra time, do a good job and be happy with what you turn in. You can have at most two extensions the entire semester without affecting your grade.

As you probably all know by now, a big and sometimes frustrating part of programming is debugging your code. This is something that you have to go through. I will be there to help occasionally, but do not count on it and do not take it for granted.