[Bowdoin Computer Science]

CS 350 Spring 2004: Projects

Project 1: Visualization and Flow Modeling on Grid Terrains

Due: March 11

The goal of this project is to create a tool for visualization and basic flow modeling of grid datasets. The required functionality is to visualize a grid dataset in 3D and compute flow direction and flow accumulation of a grid dataset.

The interface is open-ended, but ideally the user would be able to perform any combination of these commands on any grid dataset. For instance:

lynx20: > flow
..Starting flow program.
flow> help
display surf=<grid-name> [col=<grid-name>]
computeFD elev=< grid-name> dir=<grid-name>
computeFA dir=< grid-name> accu=<grid-name>
flow> display
..usage: display surf=<grid-name> [col=<grid-name>]
flow> display surf=set1.asc
..Displaying set1.asc
flow> display surf=kaweah.asc
..Displaying kaweah.asc
flow> computeFD elev=kaweah.asc dir=kaweahFD.asc
..Computing FD for kaweah.asc
flow> display surf=kaweahFD.asc
..Displaying kaweahFD.asc
flow> display surf=kaweah.asc col=kaweahFD.asc
..Displaying kaweahFD.asc draped over kaweah.asc
flow> computeFA dir=kaweahFD.asc accu=kaweahFA.asc
...Computing FA for kaweah.asc
flow> display surf=kaweah.asc col=kaweahFA.asc
..Displaying kaweahFA.asc draped over kaweah.asc
flow> display surf=kaweahFD.asc col=kaweah.asc
..Displaying kaweah.asc draped over kaweahFD.asc
flow> display surf=sierra.asc
..Displaying sierra.asc
flow> exit
..Exiting. Bye.