Stonington Maine, 2011 Vacation

Dripping Sarcasm

"Oh, make a drink and take it easy. I'LL bring in everything!

Socked in

Rebecca's parents immediately wandered off into the fog. They showed back up a couple of days later.

20 Paces?

It just looks like Ian and Rebecca were engaging in a duel. Probably Briget just turned her around suddenly.

Dish Duty

I put Rebecca to work doing dishes. It was a good chance for her to enjoy the view.

Spaghetti and faux-meat balls!

Accostomed to my food, Rebecca pours the wine liberally.

Model guest

Brij was an excellent little guest. No trouble at all!

Vacation Mode

We made the adjustment quickly

Coffee on the deck

With a good book.


Brij always points herself NW when napping.


The next house over had dog that loved to come over and play

Cabin Fever sets in

There were a few dicey patches...

Glacial Erratic Trail

While others shopped, B and I hiked in Settlement Quarry.

Quarry Summitt

It was hot up there with all that exposed granite in the sunshine.

Summitt view

Shady rest stop

Brigit found a cool spot under and big slab of granite.

U.S.S Sandia

Ready for sailing!

Away she goes!

We set this afloat around 8pm (more on this later).


First Kayak ride

Just a short jaunt out to this island and back of an evening.

Ride #2

A longer affair. Several islands and a beach.

LL Beane Poster

Coming ashore

The water was remarkably clear for the Nort Atlantic

"Sandy" Beach

It looked like a sandy beach, but on closer inspection you could see the sand was just ground up sea shells.

Big Island

A lot of the islands all but vanished at high tide, but this one was big enough for actual vegetation.

Seeking a real beach

We head back to mainland in search of.

Time to explore

Ospreys ahead

Ospreys circled this beach while we visited.

Tide changing

Lichen covered pine.

Never seen anything quite like it.

What is THAT?

Heading back out to sea...what do we come upon?

U.S.S. Sandia!!!!

Can't BELIEVE this thing stayed afloat this far out. That is the shore it floated out from in the background.

Pie crust

Couldn't find a rolling pin, but the handle of this meat tenderizer did the trick.

Pumpkin Pie

I was proud of it.

Tofurky and gravy

If you go through the bother of making a pumpkin pie, might as well make the rest of the meal.

Pie slice

I told you I was proud of it. Here it is with some soy dream whip.

I'm so full

We've all seen this.

Another quarry visit

Grout Trail

This trail highlighted the discarded stonework and the vegetation that has started growing back on it and in it.

Coming back

No longer a barren quarry.


Brigit estimates the drop.

Old Machine

Some delapitated piece of quarry machiniery that is no longer even recognizable.

Making French Toast

It would have been wrong to waste any of that bread even if it had started to go a bit stale.

Ta Da!

Topped with blueberries and Walt and Donna's syrup (hopefully in the right order?)

Rebecca the artist

Stonington Farmers' Market

It is pretty impressive.


Nervous Nellie's Jams and Jellies

A pretty strange place. Kinda like a roadside attraction you might see on Rte 66

One more trip to the quarry

NOW its official.

Rebecca keeps the troops moving along

Rebecca and rocks

If you felt a shift in the tetonic plates in Maine, that was probably due to Rebecca's rock relocation plan.



Test your might!

Rebecca orders her father to put down that boulder and get back into hiking formation


Scrounging in the tidepools

These pics are kinda blurry because the camera is in a waterproof case

Rebecca caught in the act

Low tide

By the time we got back, the water was high enough that we could just get in and float away.

Back in Brunswick

Here we see New Mexicans freezing in Maine Summer weather.

Little Tokyo

My seaweed salad was particularly good.

Homemade Whoopie Pies

I thought they should experience Maine's state dessert.



MOVIES: Scrounging on the beach | Sitting down for morning coffee on the deck | Beautiful pine forest | Launching the watermelon | Sandy beach