TITLE: The Wars for Viet Nam, 1945-1975


This site was developed as course material for Professor Robert K. Brigham's senior seminar given at Vassar College on the wars in Viet Nam. The main "overview" essay begins with the Geneva Peace Accords signed by France and Viet Nam in 1954 and continues with the growing involvement of the United States up to the fall of Saigon in 1975. The essay is objective and informative written in a style accessible to high school or college students. The overview section contains hypertext links to full-text documents, presidential archives, and other related sites. Included are pertinent documents such as the "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution," and the "Paris Accords," as well as several Vietnamese documents translated into English by Professor Brigham. The hypertext links have been chosen carefully and used judiciously while providing a documentary history of this tumultuous period for Viet Nam and the United States. Small graphics are included but there are no audio or video clips. Additional sections include a list of the twenty full-text documents available and a comprehensive list of additional Viet Nam related links including military maps, Viet Nam veteran web sites, and Vietnamese cultural web sites. This site is part of Vassar College's "Cool School" project that highlights outstanding educational web sites for high school students and teachers. However, many of the sites, such as "The Wars for Viet Nam," are also appropriate as supplemental material at the college level. The main "Cool School" can be accessed at: http://vassar.coolschool.edu.

Robert L. Battenfeld
Reference Librarian
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July 1997

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