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MedAccess is a conglomeration of materials aimed at the health care consumer. The format is consistent, and brings together text, databases, quizzes and discussion groups. Content includes some original materials, but the majority derives from state, national and international sources that are cited at both the searching and data display levels. MedAccess has several sponsors, and displays awards from Point, Six Senses and Net Guide. Since 1995, MedAccess Corporation has used this site to bring its health promotion services to the attention of business organizations.

MedAccess has four sections with in-depth health information:

Better Information covers consumer health: use MedAccesss key-word search or their table-of-contents style index to find specific information. The full-text materials include: Product alerts and warnings from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Food and Drug Administration, organized by date and topic (child, environment, home, drugs, food); Immunization guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and the Immunization Practices Advisory Committee, organized by disease; Publications from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, organized by topic (seniors, physical health, mental health, children, nutrition); U.S. patients rights legislation.

Data Bank has tabular data for the U.S. census, injury-related deaths, and health statistics; how to get vital records; and contact information for state medical licensing and disciplinary boards, and for U.S. government agencies.

Health Care Locator contains physician and organization databases. Physicians are listed for 28 states: search by name or city. Entry contents are from the state Licensing Board. Hospitals and other health care centers are listed for 50 states: search by name, city, state or zip code. Entries provide comparative graphs showing size, staffing and financial data; a list of services; and a street map.

Environmental Health provides a way to search Environmental Protection Agency databases for air quality (by year and by state), water quality (by state), and toxic releases (by zip code, state and year). Maps show the regional incidence of radon and gamma rays.

Undergraduate students in health care fields will benefit most from MedAccess's breadth of reliable resources and well-designed organization, but everyone in health care will find useful data.

Mari J. Stoddard
Head of Educational Services
Arizona Health Sciences Library
University of Arizona
July 15, 1996

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