TITLE: Springer Journals Preview Service (SPJV)

ACCESS: gopher://trick.ntp.springer.de:70/11/TOC gopher trick.ntp.springer.de 12. Springer Journals Preview Service (SPJV)

The separate files are also available via mailserver SVJPS@VAX.NTP.SPRINGER.DE or by subscription to an e-mail list. Comments about the service can be sent via e-mail to SPRINGER@VAX.NTP.SPRINGER.DE

This part of SPJV is a gopher based table of contents service for selected Springer-Verlag titles in life sciences and radiology. The gopher menu is used to list tables of contents to enable users to select a citation for which they may want an abstract. Abstracts (called BiblioAbstracts by Springer-Verlag) are then order via e-mail (via a subscription billed to your credit card). Complete information on ordering abstracts, read the README file at the top of the menu. Use of the table of contents (TOC) service is free. TOCs are available approximately 10 days before the print issue is mailed to subscribers.

The menu is organized by title of journals. The submenu for each title is further subdivided by year and that menu is divided by individual issues. When you select an issue a file is displayed listing the table of contents for that issue. Below is a sample citation:

AU Howes-B-L. Teal-J-M. TI Oxygen loss from Spartina alterniflora and its relationship to salt marsh oxygen balance. SO Oecologia. 1994 97(4) P 431. AB 40970431.442

The information is tagged according to BRS Medline format conventions.

In its present form, SPJV contains approximately 90 titles. The number of years available varies widely. This service is not intended to be an index since the user must know which title, volume and issue they want to examine. Perhaps the best uses of this service include SDI (selective dissemination of information), interlibrary loan, and collection development. Libraries with limited budgets could then request separate articles for their users without having to subscribe to a particular journal.

While still experimental, this service is a good example of what serials publishers can do when they have access to the Internet. Many other publishers are beginning to offer similar services. Such services could be a major tool in controlling serials costs. SPJV is of particular value to researchers in the life sciences and radiology.

Wilfred Drew
Serials/Reference/Systems Librarian
SUNY College of Ag. & Tech
July 18th, 1994

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