TITLE: National Indian Policy Center

ACCESS: gopher://tiberium.circ.gwu.edu:70/11/Centers%2C%20Institutes%2C%20and%20Research%20at%20GWU/Centers%20and%20Institutes/National%20Indian%20Policy%20Center/

PRODUCER: National Indian Policy and Research Institute.
CONTACT: Bambi Kraus at Krause@gwuvm.gwu.edu; nipc@gwuvm.gwu.edu.

Many share the concern that the Information superhighway will bypass Native Americans and other minority groups. Internet access, effective November 1993, to the National Indian Policy Center at the George Washington University gopher is an "on-ramp" in the right direction.

The National Indian Policy Center (NIPC), affiliated with George Washington University, has been serving as an information clearinghouse service on Native American policy issues since 1990. The NIPC was established and funded by passage of Public Law 101-301 as a research center after a year of consultation with American Indian and Alaskan Native tribes and individuals. The NIPC is committed to gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information on substantive Indian policy issues affecting Indian country. Seven task groups have been formed to look at education, tribal governance, natural resource management, health, cultural right and resources, law, and economic development.

The National Indian Policy Center operates under the direction of a planning committee composed of tribal leaders and representatives of major Indian organizations. NIPC Acting Director, Ron Trosper (Salish and Kootenai) founded the Native American Forestry Program and Northern Arizona University. Bambi Kraus (Tlingit) is Assistant Director.

Since its inception, the NIPC has issued over twenty reports on topics ranging from education to protection of sacred sites on public lands. The June 1993 report on the economic impact of Indian gaming has been cited by researchers, the media, and tribes.

All NIPC research reports can be viewed on the NIPC gopher hole, organized according to NIPC task group. The gopher also includes an annotated bibliography of the reports. Copies of this bibliography can be requested at no cost by fax, snail mail, or email. An order form is attached to the bibliography to request free copies of reports.

The NIPC gopher hole also contains 1990 census data, minutes of task force meetings, press releases, and other data. NIPC is planning to develop a database of journal and newspaper articles and to include specialized state and tribal census data in the gopher.

You can also access the NIPC via InterTribal Network (ITN) in Colorado: gopher://cscns.com:/70/11/SPECIAL-InterTribal News/National Indian Policy Center. ITN is a growing gopher hole that also includes book reviews and information on grants, legislation, and medical topics.)

Mary Jane McDermott Cedar Face
Southern Oregon State College
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July 22, 1994

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