TITLE: The Mississippi Writers Page

Access: http://www.olemiss.edu/depts/english/ms-writers/

The Department of English at the University of Mississippi has created a site dedicated to those writers either born in Mississippi or who spent a significant portion of their life in Mississippi. While still moderately under construction, visitors to this site will find biographical information on Mississippi writers, as well as a list of their published titles, any awards or honors s/he has received, a bibliography for further reading, and any applicable Web sites.

Contributors to the site include English professors from the University of Mississippi, Ph.D. candidates, librarians, and graduate students. The Writers Page has specific guidelines for including an author in their database, as well as instructions on how to contribute to the site.

The navigation bar on the homepage provides quick and easy access to each feature of the Web site. From the homepage, visitors can click directly on the "Writers Listings" to locate the 260 authors included in this site. Users may choose one of several methods to browse the listings: by authors last name, publication title, a location in Mississippi associated with the author, the year of either the authors birth or death, or by genre (drama, fiction, non-fiction, poetry).

A noteworthy addition to the browse options is a map of literary landmarks, where links are made directly to an author using a map. Additionally, a timeline of "Literary History" connects authors to a specific year or date. A recent title list complete with annotations and/or book reviews is available, as well as news and events regarding Mississippi writers. If visitors want more information on literature in Mississippi they can find a listing of regional magazines and journals under "Publishers" or literary organizations in Mississippi under "Other Features." Particularly entertaining is the "On this day in Mississippi literary history" feature, visible on the homepage, which gives viewers just a morsel of literary history in Mississippi.

The site is well organized, easy to navigate, and consistent in its design. Users can search the site itself, and a keyword search for the author database is coming soon. While information on some of the authors still needs to be added, the site has been active since 1996 and is currently up-to-date.

The Mississippi Writers Page fills a unique niche for those studying American literature, or for anyone interested in learning more about Mississippi writers.

Debbi Renfrow
National University

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