TITLE: International Institute of Social History

ACCESS: http://www.iisg.nl

Founded in Amsterdam in 1935, the Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, or International Institute of Social History (IISH), specializes in social history in general, and the history of labor in particular. IISH facilitates scholarly research through its collections, conferences and symposia, and publications, several of which are available in PDF format. In addition to indices to its own collections, the Institute's website also includes several specialized resources of interest to scholars and librarians such as ViVa: A Bibliography of Women's History and abbreviated listings from the ArcheoBiblioBase (ABB) database of Russian archives.

ViVa contains citations to nearly 5,000 articles (in English, French, German, and Dutch) published in over 100 historical and women's studies journals from 1975-2000. Full bibliographic information is provided for each citation, and users can browse by year or search by keyword.

ArcheoBiblioBase, maintained by Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, provides detailed information on the individual archives administered by the Federal Archival Service of Russia (Rosarkhiv), archives of other major federal agencies, and local municipal and oblast archives in Moscow and St. Petersburg. All archive names have been transliterated using the Latin alphabet, and English translations are provided. Users can choose from a table of contents or search by keyword. Where available, addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, contact persons, and email addresses are given.

The IISH also maintains two thorough and well-organized sections of the WWW Virtual Library, one of the oldest catalogs of the web. These virtual libraries covering Labour and Business and Women's History are organized through an extensive tree structure and are searchable by keyword.

Also on the IISH site, Stefan Landsberger of the Sinological Institute of Leiden maintains an online exhibition of Chinese propaganda posters. There are currently 24 galleries (e.g., "Great Leap Forward," "The Mao Cult"). Other poster collections include communist posters from the former Soviet Union, Cuba and China, and Dutch socialist political posters. A wonderful digital exhibit called Art to the People features the art of Walter Crane, Thˇophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Albert Hahn, Frans Masereel and Gerd Arntz, and includes information and a timeline for each artist.

Faculty and students in history, political science, labor studies, and sociology should find plenty of valuable information at the IISH site, which should be bookmarked by all academic libraries.

John A. Drobnicki
York College/CUNY

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