TITLE: Publishers' Catalogues Home Page

ACCESS: http://www.lights.com/publisher/

This site provides access points organized by country to publishers' homepages. For example, clicking on the hyperlink labeled "Russia" will take the user to a list of publishers based in Russia. Developed and maintained by Peter Scott of Northern Lights Internet Solutions, represented publishers in each country are those that choose to participate in the directory, and have registered. Thus in the example of Russian publishers, the list, as of August 1999, held the names of twelve publishing companies, a list that did not include the important presses operating out of Russian scholarly academies. The publishers of the United States, Britain, and the Western European countries are well represented. Because the links are maintained by the active cooperation of the publishers, not all of the links are accurate.

The site's index of countries is overwhelmed by the addition of advertisements, which include three search engines sponsored by commercial vendors. The graphical layout is visually noisy and a first time user may overlook the real value of the site. A link to this site is provided by the invaluable Acqweb site (http://www.library.vanderbilt.edu/law/acqs/acqs.html), which is a site with a broader compass established for librarians with collection development responsibilities.

The strength of the Publishers' Catalogues Home Page is the organization of publishers by country giving access to catalogues on an international level. The most significant limitation of the site is in the weak representation of academic presses in countries outside of the Western industrialized community.

Sara Rutter
Shapiro Science Library
University of Michigan
August 1999

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