TITLE: ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation

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Clearinghouse On Assessment and Evaluation

CONTACT: Larry Rudman, (800) GO4-ERIC (464-3742) or eric ae@cua.edu

This gopher server provides exciting and useful sites for anyone connected with education. College and university faculty, librarians, graduate and undergraduate students in the field of education will find it extremely helpful in their research and practice.

The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is an information network designed to provide users with ready access to education literature. It makes educational research and practice availble from a single source. ERIC collects, analyzes, and distributes information from local, State, Federal, and international sources. ERIC consists of 16 subject matter clearinghouses, a small number of adjunct Clearinghouses, and several support components. At the heart of ERIC is the largest education database in the world. Papers, conference proceedings, literature reviews and curriculum material along with articles from nearly 800 education-related journals are indexed and abstracted for entry into the ERIC system. The ERIC database combines citation/abstracts from Resources In Education (RIE) and Current Index to Journals In Education (CIJE).

The ERIC Clearinghouse On Assessment & Evaluation, The Catholic University of America Department of Education, and the Catholic University of America Computer Center sponsor this server. The focus of this server is to provide information and resources pertaining to educational assessment, evaluation and learning theory.

The directory of this gopher server is well organized and thorough. Besides general information about this particular server and about

ERIC the menu includes the following:

News & test schedules - Gives dates for upcoming national tests across the nation including GRE, ACT, GMAT, etc.

Essays, Bibliographies & Resources - Essays, bibliographies, brochures, etc. on educational topics and where to obtain them.

Test locator - This is one of my favorite sites for reference desk information on tests. It contains a wealth of information for test developers, test users, and gives helpful material on test selection. It also explains the ETS test collection database which gives descriptions to over 9,500 tests. The test locator includes an online index to the Mental Measurement yearbook, Tests In Print, and Tests Critiques. Anyone faced with the task of locating a test review in these volumes will appreciate the ease of entering a title or word and getting a response which gives you the volume and page of the entry in those volumes. It also has a section for locating publishers of tests.

Catalogs - Presents publications catalogs of measurement/evaluation/learning theory materials. These include Oryx, ETS, ERIC, etc.

Jobs - Listing of job openings from the Chronical of Higher Education, ERIC, various universities, and more.

Search ERIC - The menu of this section contains options for information on ERIC; explanation of ERIC abstracts from RIE or CIJE; material on ERIC Clearinghouses; ERIC Digests; and Nine sites available to search the ERIC database and additional databases. These sites include Syracuse Library, Syracuse University, Univeristy of Illinois at Champaign, California State at Hayward, University of Saskatchewan, c.a.r.l, Auburn University, Florida State University. and Harvard University. The multiple sites allows users to convieniently switch sites when one is busy or unavailable. There are plans to add more sites as they becaome available. Libraries without ERIC on CD, tape or online access will greatly appreciate the availability of these sites. Each of the sites offer their own menu which provides access to not only ERIC but in some cases other databases and directories. For example the site at Saskatchewan includes the Canadian Education Index. Each of the sites have their own format of search options and strategies, none of which are difficult to master, although some are more user friendly than others. The coordinator of the server has designated the site at Syracuse Library "BEST" and I agree. The Search ERIC menu also includes options for information on the ERIC Digests as well as offering the digests full text.

Info about other testing projects - Concerns projects undertaken by various testing services

Other education gophers - List of gophers to databases, directories, catalogs, electronic journals, archives and more.

Future plans for this gopher server include the addition of material on America 2000 and adding more search ERIC sites when they become available.

I believe the developers of this gopher server have been successful in achieving their goal of making the literature of assessment, evaluation and learning theory readily available to the education community. Furthermore they've taken an almost overwhelming collection of material, gophers and sites and arranged them into a meaningful and usable source. This is a gopher server I believe will be useful to librarians at the reference desk and in the reference area of an academic library as well as by faculty and students from their offices, dormitories, and homes.

Emily S. Chasse
Online Search Services
Elihu Burritt Library
Central Connecticut State University
August 22, 1994

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