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8. Forschung an der WU/
5. CERRO: Central European Regional Research Organization/

CERRO, the Central European Regional Research Organization, is sponsored jointly by the University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna, Austria, the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Those most interested in accessing this site would be business-oriented academics. The avowed intention of CERRO is to "stimulate and support regional research" in the area of Central Europe.

CERRO is located, via gopher, at olymp.wu-wien.ac.at, and additionally at CERRO-L (subscription to listserv@aearn or aearn.edvz.univie.ac.at).

CERRO makes information available in a number of fashions and formats, but a major limitation for the American librarian is that much of the statistical information is only available in German (and a very scientific/mathematical German at that...) though the information itself is of great use to scholars in this field. Additionally, there are archives of scholarly publications offered under various sub-headings as: Papers, Organizations, Individuals and Conferences, but most of these sub-menus are arranged so that they pull information from the same files. There is also information on Hungarian Electronic Stocks and Commodities (naturally enough, in Hungarian, though most people interested in this type of information could translate the important bits like prices and share volumes easily enough), apparently updated weekly. CERRO also contains a number of news sources (Radio Free Europe-Daily News) aimed at the Central European market. The most innovative resource on the CERRO gopher is a listing of individuals interested in Central European economics, business and life offering to share their expertise or looking for contacts to further their research aims. This listing (complete with institutional information and e-mail addresses) should go a long way toward making the CERRO gopher a prime source for Central European business research activities.

John Small
Electronic Resources Librarian
Central Missouri State University
10 August 1994

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