TITLE: The Vietnam Project

ACCESS: http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/index.htm

The Vietnam Center of Texas Tech University was created in 1989 to encourage and educate users about the impact of the Vietnam Conflict upon United States history. The creators also hope to increase American understanding of Southeast Asian beliefs, values, and lifestyles. The Vietnam Project Web site is home to a number of primary sources, exhibits, and educational materials. It also includes information about publishing and conferences related to American involvement in Vietnam and the history and current context of Southeast Asia.

The Web site contains four main sections: "The Vietnam Center," "The Virtual Vietnam Archive," "The Oral History Project," and "The Vietnam Archive."

The Indochina Chronology, a quarterly publication that is no longer being published, is available in full-text under the "Publications" section of "The Vietnam Center." Issues include historical chronologies of events and conditions in Southeast Asia, as well as annotated bibliographies of publications (books, journal articles, official statements, etc.) on these subjects. Topics covered range from current events to history, culture, and economics.

The archives areas of the Web site contain primary documents chronicling personal experiences from the Vietnam Conflict, information and records of organizations of veterans, and other documents. A wide range of sources is indexed in a searchable database that links to the full text of articles from serials, journals, newsletters, and microforms. Resources include information about air campaigns and the use of Agent Orange, records of operations, video and audio recordings, photographs, political cartoons, diaries, letters, biographies of those who lost their lives in the conflict, slides, films, and more.

"The Oral History Project" offers a wealth of firsthand accounts from participants in the wars of Southeast Asia. Transcripts of most of these interviews are available online in either print or audio format. This area also includes an online or downloadable workshop about the scope and methods of oral history practices.

Those interested in peace studies, Asian studies, United States history or oral history, will find the Vietnam Project a rich resource.

Connie Ury
Northwest Missouri State University

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