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globalEDGE is a Web portal providing the business professional, consumer, teacher, or student with a sweeping array of international business information and online resources. Created by the Center for International Business Education and Research at Michigan State University, globalEDGE covers information on 200 countries and provides access to 2,000 international business Web sites.

Clear navigation and a sleek design make globalEDGE an extremely user-friendly resource. globalEDGE is organized into four distinct segments: "Resource Desk," "Community," "Knowledge Room," and "Academy." "Resource Desk" provides the user with country information, online resources, emerging market indicators, and a comprehensive glossary of international business terms. Within "Community," users view and engage in discussions about international issues. Access to Web casts and various articles from reputable media sources on such topics as the role of organizational learning is available in the "Knowledge Room." "Academy" supplies information and links for the academician such as grant opportunities, conferences, professional organizations, and course content.

The depth and efficient organization of globalEDGE is very attractive to any information seeker. globalEDGE offers a hub portal from which a user can smoothly access global business news from diverse sources. However, its country information gathered from the CIA World Factbook is somewhat dated. For example, if a user researches Afghanistan in globalEDGE's country insights page, the information was last updated December 2001. Whereas, the Web site for the CIA World Factbook was updated August 2003 and contains the latest information and vital statistics for that politically volatile country. globalEDGE provides the user with some recent news articles about Iraq from various newspapers, magazines, and television transcripts.

The Web site provides a multitude of help windows giving overviews of each section and its contents. Users can also register with globalEDGE and receive a newsletter detailing new information added to the site. Two standard features that are missing from globalEDGE are a site index and a search engine. Both would allow users to pinpoint the exact location of their information more quickly.

Through its sampling of international business issues to its extensive network of online resources, globalEDGE is a remarkable service. It is a dynamic Web site and a useful homepage for any serious business student, professor, or professional.

Colleen Lougen
Mount Saint Mary College

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