TITLE: PollingReport.com

ACCESS: http://www.pollingreport.com.

Students, faculty and professionals seeking a myriad of polling data in the fields of political science, journalism, business, and health or social sciences will find relevant research in PollingReport.com. Its print counterpart, The Polling Report, has been published twice monthly since 1985. The Polling Report makes available much of their print information at the free web site, PollingReport.com. The banner on the web site advertises PollingReport.com as "an independent, nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion." In a well-organized, easy-to-use format, the web site offers polling results on a wide variety of topics from the top pollsters in the United States. This site provides polling data on national, political, economic and sociocultural topics such as abortion, the death penalty, gun control and tobacco industry lawsuits. A sampling of the polling organizations include Gallup, Harris, Yankelovitch and the Princeton Research Associates as well as USA Today, NBC News, Wall Street Journal and CNN/Time.

The site is organized in broad categories including Politics & Policy, Business/Economy, and the American Scene. Each area is broken down into smaller units that guide the user to a more specific topic. For example under Politics & Policy, the user will find President, Congress, Issues and Elections. Two additional navigational tools include a Table of Contents page and a "Search this Site" function. Both are easy and efficient to use. The main body of the home page has four sections to peruse: In the News, State of the Union, Campaign 2000 and Other Recent Additions. The producers of the site state that "Poll results are added to the site as they are released by the organizations" and in fact, the dates are current and updated frequently.

Useful additions to the web site include a Job Bank that lists advertisements for jobs, academic posts and internships in survey research. The National Barometer section is a "gallery of political and economic trends." Selected articles on public opinion and survey research are posted from The Polling Report. The site also offers information on subscribing. Subscribers receive a print subscription to The Polling Report plus they gain access to the password-protected Subscribers Pages of PollingReport.com. The Subscribers Pages offer more detailed poll results including state-by-state presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial polls. The user may also request a free copy of one print issue of The Polling Report. All in all, PollingReport.com is a site that should not be overlooked due to its value to many academics for a variety of research projects.

Mary C. MacDonald
University of Rhode Island

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