TITLE: Tribal Voice/PowWow

ACCESS: http://www.tribal.com

This site seems to do everything that the Worldwide Web stands for: empowering the individual and small group, providing a voice and a forum for what they want said, and making optimum use of this burgeoning information/communications medium. Tribal Voice is, in the words of "Red Dog", a Tribal Voice employee, the result of "...some of us Indians deciding to put some stuff up on the Web." In reality it is much more than that, indeed, Tribal Voice serves well as a Native American resources clearinghouse, with links to 19 Native American Home Pages - languages, arts, crafts, culture, spiritualism, annual powwow schedules, health services, scholarships, government agencies and educational sites. If anything is lacking, it would be a link to the National Indian Policy Center gopher site (reviewed September, 1994) whose archives, bibliographies, census data, job listings and other information is apropos to a resource such as Tribal Voice.

Tribal Voice is funded from the Native American Trust as "an uncensored, blunt and direct outlet for the Native American heart." Interwoven among its Internet/WWW utilities are to be found strong and heartfelt Native American teachings, as it employs and involves Native Americans at its Woodland Park, Colorado home. Arguably the gem of Tribal Voice is PowWow, software which can be downloaded from the Tribal Voice site. PowWow allows up to seven people to chat, transfer files, play .WAV sounds, and cruise WWW sites as a group. As a teaching and demonstration tool it has no equal, as it is freeware for all non-profit or educational purposes. Tribal Voice supports PowWow with a help page and access to additional help via e-mail. Perhaps the most evocative feature of PowWow is the "White Pages", a Tribal Voice web site. Here one may enter his or her own profile; or search for PowWow users by name, location, or interests. These White Pages also let you see the current and recent PowWow logins. Since the inception of Tribal Voice in May, 1995 there have been about 60,000 downloads of PowWow and 3,000 entries into the White Pages, according to John McAfee, an administrator. Currently, there are people PowWow-ing all over the USA and from Italy to Iceland, Canada to Kuwait, Peru, Hong Kong, Europe and Australia. In short, PowWow fosters what the Internet and the Web are all about: global information exchange and communication.

Kurt W. Wagner
Sarah Byrd Askew Library
The William Paterson College of New Jersey

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