ACCESS: gopher e-math.ams.org
WWW http://e-math.ams.org/web/index.html
telnet e-math.ams.org (username and password are both e-math)

SYSYEM REQUIREMENTS: an internet host connection
VT100 connectivity
tabs set a 8 column

HELP: e-mail address provided (support@e-math.ams.org)

Ability to search American Mathematical Society membership list Registry of employment and post-doctoral opportunities Access to AMS' document delivery service Access to AMS supported Tex software available by FTP Access to the author list in Mathematical Reviews Electronic journals full-text AMS publications catalogue

E-math is a gopher partially funded by National Science Foundation and maintained by the American Mathematical Society.

The initial screen is on a single page allowing for a quick scan of the whole system at one glance, always a plus for any gopher. The choice of heading terminology is clear and concise. The fault of many gophers having unintelligable headings is not found here.

The menu items move from the specific limited interest items to general broad interest items at the bottom of the list. Access also is provided to the gophers of the National Science Foundation, other scholarly societies (SIAM, IEEE Computer Society, American Chemical Society) and other math related gophers (mostly the gophers of math departments at universities and colleges around the world). Professional, general, and specialized information is grouped separately.

Full-text AMS (Americal Mathematical Society) publications appearing in this gopher are all peer-reviewed. Retrieving documents was easy and reasonalby fast (retrieval speed may vary with equipment being used). Even after several layers of menus the item titles remained clear and concise with no lapses into filenames and computer coded file titles.

Access to several electronic journals is provided such as the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. These are large files written in either TEX or POST-SCRIPT. Retrieval via MOSAIC is recommended to maintain integrity of the symbols and graphic images used in these publications. Retrieval was slow so be patient.

Sections are provided for announcements of upcoming math meetings and conferences, bulletin boards/discussion lists, general information for mathematicians, professional information for mathematicians and preprint publications (not peer-reviewed). Being an AMS gopher a section is set aside for AMS publications which can be ordered by mail, e-mail or fax.

The gopher appears to be well maintained. Currency is apparent with files being revised and updated regularly. Support desk responded within 24 hours to request for assistance. Experience with TEX or POST-SCRIPT file retrieval and translation is required in order to read most of the full-text material of a mathematical nature.

This gopher is an asset for upper level students, teaching faculty and researchers. With the section on MathMagic for kindergarten-grade 12, there is something here for everyone.

Brian McNally
Science/Documents Librarian
Ralph Pickard Bell Library
Mount Allison University
Sackville, New Brunswick Canada
September 15, 1994

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