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The Foundation Center's mission is to disseminate grant information. In specific, the Center offers assistance to grant researchers in identifying "appropriate funders and (in) developing targeted proposals." This is accomplished via five Foundation Center libraries located in Atlanta, Cleveland, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. and more than 200 Cooperating Collections across the country which are located in all fifty states as well as D.C. and Puerto Rico and are open to the public. The Center estimates that there are some 37,500 grant sources available to individuals and organizations and seeks to act as a gateway to this content. Support sources include independent, company-sponsored, operating and community-based foundations. Support itself can cover research, travel, conferences, lectureships, internships, performances and/or education just to name a few.

To accomplish this, the Center has a variety of resources it produces, many of which are available through the Internet. Of those available on the Internet, many of the Foundation Center's most valuable resources are grouped into the Online Library, Training and Seminars, Grantmaker Information and Philanthropy News Digest sections available from the home page. The Online Library section contains items such as Links to Nonprofit Resources, an Online Orientation to Grant Seeking and a Proposal Writing Short Course. The Training and Seminars section contains a list of Proposal Writing Seminars which are fee-based seminars designed to cover the basics in various cities around the U.S., Meet the Grantmakers, as well as other workshops which cover more advanced material such as effective grant negotiation. The Grantmaker section includes Grantmaker Websites which provide access to a fairly comprehensive list of foundations by foundation type. Lastly, the Philanthropy News Digest provides current newsworthy information on donors, IRS regulations/issues and, generally, information of interest to those in the business of providing foundation monies as well as those seeking monies.

The Foundation Center also produces a CD-ROM entitled FC Search which includes "44,000 U.S. foundations and corporate givers, includes descriptions of close to 200,000 associated grants, and lists over 183,000 trustees, officers, and donors." Additionally, it produces as a series of print publications which are subject-specific, regional and/or by foundation-type and some which are designed to aid the grant writing process. Many of the latter resources are available at the 200 plus Cooperating Collections.

Amy Tracy Wells, Coordinator, Scout Report Signpost, Internet Scout Project
University of Wisconsin-Madison
March 1998

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