TITLE: The Fashion Page.

ACCESS: http://www.glitter.com/contents.html

TITLE: Fashion Net

ACCESS: http://www.fashion.net/

The fashion field is showing a strong presence on the Web, and these two sites provide information for both fashion enthusiasts and those working in the fashion industry.

The Fashion Page, a Web magazine, is created and written by Lynda Stretton, a former buyer. The homepage is categorized by "seasons", "esoterica", "reviews and overviews", and "reference". Within these categories are analyses of current fashion trends, interviews with designers, and reviews of fashion films and television programs. Some of Stretton's articles cover such topics as Afro deco and urban glamour fashion trends as well as overview articles on the history of underwear and corsets, body piercing and tattooing. Images are appropriately incorporated into the text, adding value to the information. The site is well organized and the material easy to access, though some of the links need to be updated and new articles added. The Fashion Page is a unique site that draws those interested in fashion to the creative and well-written articles by Stretton.

The goal of Fashion Net, produced by the Fashion Industry Network, is to provide information to two different audiences: the general public and the fashion industry. It accomplishes this by dividing its Web site into two sections focusing on each group. The first section, "Fashion and Style" is for the general public and includes a wealth of hypertext links to fashion designers, fashion sites, modeling agencies, and fashion photographers. The second section, "Fashion Industry", links to the Fashion Yellow Pages, a global directory for the fashion industry, a portfolio presentation service, links to other industry sites, and a bulletin board of job postings, freelance services, and other opportunities. This site is current, comprehensive, and utilitarian and the design simple and functional. The value of this site is the multitude of fashion links in one place and Fashion Net is the place to visit to begin exploring fashion on the Web.

Monica Fusich
Visual Arts Librarian
University of North Texas

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