TITLE: Baltics Online

ACCESS: http://www.viabalt.ee/

The Baltics Online is a high quality site for Baltics-specific News and a limited amount of Business information. This site is operated in Talinn, Estonia, but appears to be highly stable, as opposed to many Eastern European Internet sites. Most of the Information included in this source comes from either the Baltic News Services or the Press and Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia. News is posted at a variety of times through the day and is fairly comprehensive, but very politically oriented. This is not a location for human interest stories, and the Estonian News section may be considered to be the official government news source. Keep this fact in mind as you read such sections as the Business information. While I assume that the news included at this site is a translation of the news included in Estonian sources, there is little question that the amount of information included in the daily reports indicated some level of editorial decision making. Since the site seems aimed at the United States, there is some lingering question in my mind about the level of coverage. The Baltic Business Weekly is also posted at this site, and this is a fine publication for those concerned with information dealing with business related topics in these States. For example, the current cover story of this publication deals with the reorganization of the Latvian government, a subject that got very little press in the United States.

All things considered, this is a fine source for news on the Baltic region, and is recommended highly, because of the lack of information available in other commonly accessed news news sources.

John Small
Electronic Resources Librarian
Central Missouri State University
Jan. 24, 1995

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