TITLE: StudyAbroad.com

ACCESS: http://www.studyabroad.com

Audience: High School and College Students
Author/producer: Education Directories Unlimited

If you are looking for a place to spend a semester abroad, this ought to be one of your stops. It's a quick way to view "thousands of study abroad programs in more than 100 countries throughout the world" in one spot. Unfortunately the advertising dominates to such a degree that it takes a little time to orient oneself to the format and find the parts of value.

The main page features logos for about two dozen institutions and links to their sites. These are very useful, but represent only a few of the programs actually available. Less obvious are the sidebar and headers that provide access to the useful directory entries into the site. Once found, the directories provide listings by an assortment of program types, such as academic year/semester, summer, by subject, experiential, and others. Some of these also lead to choices by country. Eventually the main listing pages appear, saturated by institution logos.

Look carefully for the "More: click to see full alphabetical listing" icon on these pages to find the best part of the directory. The standardized format of these pages allows all the listings available in an interest area to receive equal billing. Each listing contains school or institute name, address, phone, where abroad program is, when offered, a brief description and contact information. Alas, web links are included only for those institutions that pay for advertising. Still there are many more "free" listings, including some of the most notable study abroad programs.

Studyabroad.com Marketplace also includes links to products and services for those studying abroad, including sources of financial aid, health insurance, airfare discounts, etc. Consumer information and travel abroad tips are also included in various forums and newsletters.

This site unabashedly favors programs that pay to advertise and, as such, is primarily a marketing tool. But for those with persistence, it can be a great first stop to see a wide range of what is available in study abroad. College students will find this site most useful, but there are also a number of high school programs listed.

Barbara Valentine
Linfield College

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