TITLE: Literature Online (Lion)

ACCESS: http://lion.chadwyck.com

This subscription site for English and American literature on the web combines fully-searchable texts, with reference works, bibliographies and catalogues on a single site, and provides hypertext links to relevant resources on other websites. The site is authored and edited by a team of editors in the Chadwyck-Healey, Ltd. office in Cambridge, England. It was launched in December, 1996, and includes 9 full-text databases. Five are currently active, and the remaining three will become active later within a few months. Currently available full-text databases are: English Poetry, English Drama, Eighteenth-Century Fiction, American Poetry, and African-American Poetry. Soon to be available databases are: Early English Prose Fiction, Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare, and The Bible in English.

The site includes a Master Index, which is a comprehensive list of authors and works in Literature Online. It indexes more than 210,000 works in Chadwyck-Healey's database, as well as thousands more on other websites. The format is attractive and easy to use. Each screen contains large buttons for the following categories: Master Index, Literary Databases, Dictionaries, Reference Works, Web Resources, Help, and Home Page. By clicking on the Dictionaries and References buttons, the user can view Webster's Third new international dictionary, unabridged, Bibliography of American Literature (BAL), The King James Bible - 'Authorized' Version, and Periodicals contents index: Literature. The annual bibliography of English language and literature (ABELL) is available Spring, 1996.

Once full-text items have been found, the users can choose to view the Contextual Table of Contents, the Text only, or the location of the First Hit of their search.

Works are easily searched by author, title, keyword, genre, gender of author, and publication date. The longer full-text works are divided into sections or chapters, enabling the user to browse easily through the work.

Links to other web resources are updated daily, and the editors are planning to have a poet in residence in the future, who will publish new poetry through Lion, write commentaries and essays on other poems in Lion, and run an online poetry workshop.

Literature Online is a useful and convenient resource, but cost may be a major selection factor. This is a subscription based site and the separate databases are priced individually. The databases range in price starting at $150 to $3000 per year for one concurrent user, depending on the database. For purchase information, email: mktg@chadwyck.com

Mary Wise
Cataloging & Staff Librarian
Central Washington University Library
April 29, 1997

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