TITLE: Women's WebWorld: The Feminist Majority Online

ACCESS: http://www.feminist.org

The Feminist Majority is a nonprofit organization that is committed to political, economic and social equality for women; its name signifies that a majority of women and men identify themselves as feminists in major opinion polls. The goal of the Feminist Majority is to conduct research and share information about women's issues and to mobilize grassroots political action in support of equality. Women's WebWorld serves this purpose admirably, with many benefits for those who seek a feminist perspective on current events.

It can be difficult to keep informed about issues affecting women. This site monitors publications and highlights several stories daily in "Feminist News." An archive of news items can be searched using the Excite search engine, and in many cases links are provided to related stories, reports or web sites.

A "Publications and Research" page provides bibliographies of feminist publications as well as full-text reports of the Feminist Majority Foundation's research on topics such as clinic violence and equity in medicine, sports and business. The "Feminist Internet Gateway" includes well-annotated lists of Web resources on topics such as women and politics, women and work, and women's health.

Perhaps the most striking characteristic of Women's WebWorld is its emphasis on activism, as a primary goal of the Feminist Majority is to exercise feminist's political power as a majority. The Web site makes activism practically effortless. "Take Action!" spotlights legislative and media issues of concern to feminists, provides a look-up utility for representatives' e-mail addresses and supplies text of suggested messages. This is an excellent example of a nonprofit organization using the power of the Web to advance its mission.

Faculty and students can join the "Feminist University Network" or simply search its database to locate experts, speakers, or others sharing their interests. A "911 for Women" page includes resources ranging from hotlines for victims of sexual harassment and domestic violence to opportunities for employment and internships.

The web site is well-organized, with clear links to specific categories of information as well as useful highlights of new or timely information on the home page. There is a search engine for the entire site--a helpful addition, since the various sections are quite extensive. Women's WebWorld will provide a feminist perspective on topics in many disciplines and should be of interest far beyond women's studies programs.

Lori Robare
Catalog Librarian
University of Oregon
April 19, 1996

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