ACCESS: gopher://gopher.educom.edu

EDUCOM, an organization which assists higher education institutions in implementing and managing technology, maintains a gopher server of resources related to its mission.

This gopher would be of primary interest to college and university level librarians, faculty and administrators, whether or not their institution maintains a membership in EDUCOM. All of EDUCOM's major publications, including the EDUCOM Review Magazine, EDUPAGE and The Update are available electronically through this gopher. Information on EDUCOM's special programs, such as the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative, is included. In addition, conferences and other events are announced here. Elementary and secondary teachers and education majors could also benefit from some of the information.

The gopher is maintained by staff at EDUCOM, who update the information at least bi-weekly, making this a source of up-to-date information. It has been on the Internet for slightly over one year. There are no major changes planned for this gopher, and future development plans include moving toward integrating the resources currently located in the gopher into the World Wide Web (WWW).

The EDUCOM Gopher provides links to the CAUSE and CREN gopher services. CAUSE and CREN are other organizations which are also interested in information technology in higher education.

This gopher is well organized and user friendly. While there is no directory or map of the gopher, the menu choices are well-worded and point the user in the proper direction. The ease of retrieving the full text of articles in EDUCOM publications is a good feature, since the information is posted to the gopher as soon as the publication is issued. One informative publication for busy professionals is EDUPAGE, a weekly digest of technology issues as they relate to education. The events calendar includes complete contact information. Through this gopher, much information on educational technology can be quickly and easily obtained.

Ann M. Tenglund
Coordinator of Library Computer Services
St. Bonaventure University
April 20, 1994

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