TITLE: Current Contents of Computing and LIS Journals

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The Current Contents of Computing and LIS Journals provides tables of contents for a wide range of library and information science publications and includes a small number of computing publications as well. Abstracts are sometimes available. The project is designed to be a cooperative venture of library and information science employees around the world, with contents transcribed and submitted by volunteers.

The coverage is international, with the bulk of the publications either British or American. Most major library and information science publications are represented. Coverage is especially good in areas relating to academic libraries and technology in libraries. Because a broad range of publications is included, this resource would be of interest to librarians of all types, as well as students, faculty, and researchers in library and information science.

The familiar gopher interface makes this resource particularly easy to use. The tables of contents are plain ascii files, usable by a variety of systems. In addition, the tables of contents are searchable with the gopher search facility, allowing the user to search the entire text of the tables of contents, including abstracts when available, with keywords and boolean operators.

Currency is sometimes a problem, as not all entries are for the most current issue. According to the producers, the time lag is due to several factors, including an inadequate number of volunteers and delay in receipt of publications by the volunteers. To improve timeliness, the producers are working with editors of selected titles to provide pre-publication contents.

The future of this resource depends greatly upon increasing the number of volunteers to provide tables of contents. With more volunteers, abstracts would be more likely to be included, contents could be added for missing and back issues. The producers mentioned Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology as a possible solution to reduce the need for transcription by volunteers, but implementation will depend upon funding.

Janet A. Crum
Assistant Librarian
Dalton College
March 7, 1994

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