TITLE: Web Developer's Virtual Library

Access: http://wdvl.com/

The Web Developer's Virtual Library (WDVL) is a Web site that offers the latest in Web development product news. It also provides an archive of articles and reviews, discussion outlets, job resources and tutorials aimed at web developers at all levels.

In fact, this site has so much to offer that it may overwhelm the casual Web browser. But if you know exactly what you are looking for, you wont be disappointed.

Around since 1998, the WDVL is updated daily and resides within the Internet.com realm (which confusingly enough sponsors a dozen or so other Web development-related sites). But Internet.com's take on their WDVL as "the original encyclopedia of Web technology" is a fair and accurate assessment.

A strong classification system exists throughout this site, which has developed out of years of experience between its authors who emphasize balancing the "abstractionist" and "visualist" views of Web page design.

The advertisements are placed in the header and the left side bar, thus giving the viewer a clear path of options. The right side bar, with only one ad at the top, contains links to pages within the WDVL site, with a user poll at the bottom.

A nice irony is that while this site engages itself in the latest and flashiest Web programs, it is presented in a straightforward and refined way, much like some of the more effective Library sites that offer annotated lists with direct navigation.

The Web Developer's Virtual Library would be useful for someone who is responsible for maintaining state-of-the-art Web pages with high visibility, and who needs to stay informed of the latest news and software (such as Photoshop, VRML, and XML). It may also be useful for an intermediate Web page custodian who needs a quick refresher, or needs to stay current with the latest terminology. However, it would be a waste of time for someone looking for the latest book reviews about Web development and design, or a beginner looking for a quick way to learn HTML in just a few easy steps.

Librarians may not benefit from all of the cutting-edge programs that are presented on this site, but they may benefit from some of the tutorials and product reviews that one has little time for in a multi-task environment. Given this, I would recommend this site to a librarian in need of information about a specific topic or tool.

Daniel Lincoln Nolting
Bethany College

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