TITLE: Black Collegian Online

ACCESS: http://www.black-collegian.com/

This vibrant web version of the well-known college and career magazine for African American students has a lot to offer for all college students. Selected articles from recent monthly issues and archives back to 1997 are available to read and search online, and cover useful topics such as preparing for job interviews, using the Internet effectively in job searches, the details on building an appropriate business wardrobe, enhancing study skills, and much more. For students of color, there is useful and sound advice on afrocentric questions that typically are not covered in other career magazines. For example, should you wear your hair braided to a corporate interview? What do African Americans have to gain from graduate school, and what organizations or scholarships exist that can help ensure success? The job market is covered from many angles, including a searchable job bank, a résumé posting service, an index of advertisers, an Internet directory, and links to other web sites with job listings and related career information aimed specifically at students of color. A cultural section features brief essays on African American history, arts and entertainment features, including book and music reviews, and profiles of successful African Americans in various careers and how they achieved their dreams. The entire site is well-organized, and the articles are written in a clear, no-nonsense style. From a librarian's point of view, the only drawback to the web version of Black Collegian is that the articles lack citations, making it difficult for users to know exactly the date a particular feature was published. Depending on the type of information being sought, this may or may not be important; however, all job postings are dated. Academic libraries, as well as other libraries, organizations, and university offices serving pre-collegiate and college students will definitely want to bookmark and use this attractive and highly recommended site.

S.A. Vega Garcia
Racial & Ethnic Studies Bibliographer
Iowa State University

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