TITLE: The Children's Literature Web Guide

ACCESS: http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/~dkbrown/

The Children's Literature Web Guide maintains a collection of Internet resources for young readers and others interested in children's literature. The site was established in 1994, and is managed by David K. Brown, Director, Doucette Library of Teaching Resources, University of Calgary. In the Introduction section, Brown hopes that users of this site will be "tempted away from the Internet, and back to the books themselves!"

The site is organized into four main categories: Features, Discussion Boards, Quick Reference, and More Links. Under Features, users can browse What's New to keep up-to-date on newly-added links and updates to the entire site. The Web-Traveller's Toolkit annotates selected children's literature web sites and is a good starting point for further exploration. The Discussion Boards provide a forum for comments on recent award-winning books, readers seeking answers to various children's literary topics, and postings on conferences and programs.

Quick Reference offers information on awards given to children's literature, and links to children's best seller's lists, as well as "top picks" lists from professional organizations and publications. Also part of Quick Reference is the Doucette Index, which "provides access to books and websites that contain useful teaching suggestions related to books for children and young adults, and the creators of those books." While the books indexed are those held by the Doucette Library of Teaching Resources, this index identifies specific resources that may be available in other libraries. More Links contains good collections of links to authors and illustrators, resources for parents and teachers, and lists of publishers and booksellers.

A site-specific index allows for simple searching and seems to be most effective in finding a mention of a specific author, story, or award within the site's pages (vs. complex subject or content searching).

Page layouts are simple and clean, and graphics are kept to a minimum. Some of the "last updated" dates on selected pages are 1-2 years old, but the links checked for this review were current and active. This web site is a valuable resource for public librarians, for those performing collection development in the area of children's literature and young adult literature, and also for parents and curious young readers wanting more information on specific authors, selected reviews of books, and links to other quality children's literature web sites. College or university libraries should consider including a link to this site within their Education or Literature-related Reference subject guides.

Caroline L. Gilson
Reference/Instruction Librarian
Radford University
May 21, 1999

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