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@BRINT has been in existence since 1994. It was formerly known as "A Business Researcher's Interests." As recently as fall 1998, the founder, Yogesh Malhorta, was a PhD student and lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh, Katz School of Business.

As one might expect @BRINT has a strong academic slant. The site may be searched by use of a drop down menu, a quick find list, or by using the @BRINT search engine. This search engine allows only the use of the AND and OR operators and the use of parentheses. A novice user of this site would be wise to use the table of contents page that is available from the drop down menu.

The majority of information contained in @BRINT consists of categorized lists of links to other web sites. These links are grouped by subject area and are excellent to use as access points to academic and business resources on the Web. Especially useful are the categorized links which can be found under "Magazines and Journals"," Biz-Tech Library", and "Jobs and Careers." Original content of this site consists mainly of papers, presentations, and articles written by Yagesh Malhorta, founder of @BRINT. Most of this original material has knowledge management as its subject.

In addition to the categorized lists, there are sections of the site that allow real time interaction. The first of these is the @BRINT Online Interactive Magazine. Readers of the articles are encouraged to react to them and are provided with a link to do so. Other interactive sections are included under the "BIZ-TECH & K-MGMT" link and the "BIZ-TECH & K-MGMT EVENTS" link. Anyone may read posts to the interactive sections, but only network members may post information and comments to them. Joining the network is free and, while you may provide other information, the only required information is user name and email address. Most posts discuss knowledge management as it relates to business. There is some advertising on this site, but it is handled in a way that does not hamper the usefulness of the site.

In short, @BRINT can be an excellent starting point for the researcher interested in technology and knowledge management as they relate to business. However, @BRINT is not the "premier network for business, technology, and knowledge management" which it claims to be.

Cheryl M. Ballard
Business Reference Librarian
The University of Alabama

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