TITLE: Tobacco Control Archives

ACCESS: http://galen.library.ucsf.edu/tobacco/

The Tobacco Control Archives is a project sponsored by the Library & Center for Knowledge Management, University of California San Francisco, Department of Archives & Special Collections. Its purpose is to "collect, preserve, and provide access to papers, unpublished documents and electronic resources relevant to tobacco control issues primarily in California". Currently the archives contain Brown & Williamson Collection, Mangini v. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Collection, and various other related pages. A major new document is The Cigarette Papers Online, an electronic version of The Cigarette Papers by Stanton A. Glantz, John Slade, Lisa A. Bero, Peter Hanauer, and Deborah E. Barnes. At the time of this review only a demonstration chapter was available.

The Tobacco Control Archives is one of the best organized sites around. The separate collections are searchable and browseable. The documents are scanned images of the originals. As such, the quality of the images varies greatly but all of them that were displayed were readable. THe collections currently contain thousands of pages of documents. All are available in paper format at the UCSF library.

Browsing the Brown and Williamson Collection is quite easy. The browse link takes the user to a brief topical list. Each link then brings up a related set of links to the documents. Clicking on one of the document numbers brings up a record describing the document in greater detail with the following fields: title, notes, author, year, secondary authors, date, type of work, document ID, keywords, and a detailed abstract. At the bottom of each record are links to the separate images of each document page.

Searching the Brown and Williamson Collection is extremely easy to do. The user can search using full text or title. A search on emphysema (not a title search) retrieved 11 documents. All were highly relevant. The search engine used is SWISH-E, available for free from UC Berkeley. It is available at http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/SWISH-E/.

The Tobacco Control Archives is one of the best librarian designed sites on the World Wide Web. It sets a high standard for creating special collections on the web. This site is especially useful for anyone interested in smoking and tobacco litigation. The user will find themselves returning again and again.

Wilfred Drew
Associate Librarian (Systems,Reference)
SUNY College of Ag. & Tech.

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