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Hoover's Inc. is an information publishing company based in Austin, Texas. Their information is distributed through online media, CD-ROM products, and through their internet sites such as Hoover's Online, IPO Central (Initial Public Offering) and cyberstocks.com. In addition, Hoover's publishes business reference books and software products. The Hoover's Online edition covers the financial profiles on 2,600 international companies. In addition, it publishes historical financial data for more than 8,000 companies.

A starting point of information is found in the section on "Hoover's Company Capsules". The Company Capsules point to information on more than 11,000 of the largest public and private companies in the United States and abroad. Each company capsule includes a brief description of the company, address, telephone and fax numbers, names of officers, sales and employment figures. In addition, it includes hypertext links to relevant information such as financial reports, stock quotes, and SEC filings. Company Capsules is searchable by Company Name, Ticker Symbol, Company Location, type of Industry, and/or by Sales.

For more detailed information on company profiles, users may access the "Hoover's Company Profile". Hoover's profiles are insightful, providing information on a company's history, strategies and background, headquarters and locations, names of officers, products and services as well as a list of competitors. The financial reports prove to be the most valuable information to investors, marketing professionals and researchers. Financial reports cover up to ten years of financial information including sales, net income, high and low price/earnings per year, and stock prices. Additional information includes links to press releases and to the StockMaster Stock Charts. Hoover's Online selects companies to profile based on their size, growth, visibility and breadth of coverage. Information on company profiles is routinely updated at the end of each company's fiscal year. Information sources include the companies themselves, article sources, reference material and interviews with company representatives. Hoover's Inc. claims sole responsibility for the presentation of all data.

The "Corporate Web Sites" links, offers users the option to search Hoover's Online links to Web sites of the world's 5,000 largest companies. In addition, Hoover's has compiled 1,800 plus sites related to job listings. Both files can be searched by the corporations' name or through the browse function.

The interface is well-designed, the information is organized in a coherent manner. Most of the graphic links are replicated with hypertext links, making it easier for users to access the information. Searching Hoover's Online is simple, the searching instructions make it even more user-friendly and the Infoseek search engine works fairly well. Hoover's Company Information is especially useful to job seekers, sales representatives, investors, marketing analysts, career placement offices, and, of course, to students and faculty.

Constantia Constantinou
Coordinator of Information Access/Libarary Technology
Helen T. Arrigoni Library/Technology Center, Iona College Libaries, Iona College

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