TITLE: 19th Century American Women Writers Web

ACCESS: http://www.clever.net/19cwww

This is an attractive, well organized site aimed at students and scholars of all ages who are interested in 19th Century American women writers. The Books & Authors section contains links to other web sites which contain texts of 19th Century American women writers, such as Louisa May Alcott, Kate Chopin, Rebecca Harding Davis, Emily Dickinson, Susanna Rowson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and others. There are several links which go nowhere or are outdated, but the author plans to update the links in the immediate future.

The Tools & Resources section contains links to resources for the 19th Century women and women writers and for 19th Century American studies. The user can also post and respond to messages on the 19cwww Message Board, as well as view announcements and calls for papers.

The Journals & Presses section contains links to electronic journals relating to 19th Century American women writers, and gives the user an opportunity to suggest presses or journals to be added.

There is a section called Digital Potluck, where the user can enter personal information and enter the text of a 19th Century American women writer's work. This allows for a broader base of material, and the user is entered into a drawing for CD-ROM prizes. The user also has access to the electronic library collection of 19th Century American women's writing. Some authors in this section include Lydia Maria Child, Eliza Lee Follen, Sarah Joseph Hale, and Mary Eliza Tucker Lambert.

One of the nicest features of the site is Monthly Features on the Net. This contains one or two links to interesting and attractive sites which relate to the topic of 19th Century American women writers. Some examples of previous monthly features are: 19th Century Medicine, from the University of Toledo; a commemorative of the 75th anniversary of the suffrage movement from the Susan B. Anthony Center; hypertext collection of Florence Nightingale's letters; an interactive exhibit on the art of the daguerreotype, from the National Museum of American Art. At the time of this review, the Monthly Feature was an interactive exhibit on the Civil War, entitled The Valley of the Shadow. Since the Monthly Feature changes periodically, it is a good idea to keep checking this section.

The editor of this site is Tyler Steben, a PhD candidate at Wayne State University, and Dr. Janet Gray, Princeton University, is the assistant editor of the site. They plan to increase the holdings of the digital library and continue to create educational exhibits. These plans include creating a digitized project for 19th century African American writing, and the creation of web-based editions of 19th century literature that are designed to be easily read on the computer screen.

The 19th Century American Women Writers Web has recently received a number of awards, and is well worth looking at, either for research or for pleasure.

Mary Wise
Serials Librarian
Central Washington University Library

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