TITLE: CancerNet

ACCESS: gopher://gopher.nih.gov:70/11/clin/cancernet gopher gopher.nih.gov #3. Health and Clinical Information #1. CancerNet Information PRODUCER: National Cancer Institute CONTACT: Cheryl Burg, cheryl@icicb.nci.nih.gov, (301) 496-8880.

A question asked by every Internet navigator is, "How reliable is this information?" With CancerNet, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has set a high standard. Arranged by cancer type, site, and patient age, 100+ state-of-the-art summaries are prepared by a board of oncology experts, peer- reviewed by other experts, and updated monthly, if indicated. Written at both physician and lay levels, most are available in English and Spanish. Additional resources include Supportive Care Statements (14) on topics like nutrition, pain management, and nausea; Cancer Screening Summaries (10) for breast, cervical, skin, and other frequent sites; and investigational drug documents (11) with taxol and tretinoin among those listed. Couple this with document delivery via downloading, electronic mail, or telefacsimile and the potential of the Internet becomes apparent. These summaries make up the PDQ Cancer Information File available from online vendors. Future CancerNet plans call for adding other NCI information as well. And there's more, lots more. Over 100 Fact Sheets from NCI's office of Cancer Communications organized into broad areas such as cancer risk factors, prevention, and rehabilitation are available. That's not all, but hopefully enough to encourage further exploration. CancerNet can be found on the NIH gopher noted above in the Health and Clinical Information/ directory and through several other gophers worldwide. For a Table of contents and instructions on using CancerNet, send an email message to cancernet@icicb.nci.nih.gov with the word "HELP" as the body. For those with only email access to the Internet (via CompuServe for example), the item codes returned can be used to submit document requests. Although a two-step process, the server is responsive and documents have been sent to over 40 countries. CancerNet information is the Internet at its best.

Greg Pratt
information services librarian
Texas Medical Center Library
April 4, 1994

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