TITLE: Quackwatch

ACCESS: http://www.quackwatch.com

Quackery is obvious when bizarre medical claims are made to cure certain illnesses and diseases. Yet, other forms of quackery are not so obvious. Quackwatch is a "guide to health fraud, quackery and intelligent decision making." Dr. Stephen Barrett ,a renowned consumer advocate and author, operates Quackwatch. Through this website, he and members of Quackwatch Inc. are combating health fraud. It offers access to daily updates on quackery, questionable products, services, theories and advertisements, consumer protection and reliable health publications.

A search for more health information can be done by clicking "Search Quackwatch". The Glimpse search engine will quickly provide a list of pages that contain the word or words you type in. The searching capability of returning only files modified within a certain number of days will be valuable to health and allied sciences students and professionals who are looking for current sources. Results will include short and lengthy articles from the more than 300 pages contained in Quackwatch. International users will enjoy the French and German translations of this website.

Clearly, Quackwatch is for researchers who are seeking sources that will sort out the facts and fallacies in controversial health products and services

Nancy Allen
Reference Librarian
University of South Florida at Sarasota/New College
November 1 1998

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