TITLE: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

ACCESS: http://www.ifrc.org
TITLE: American Red Cross

ACCESS: http://www.crossnet.org

The World Wide Web is an ideal medium for international and national organizations to exchange and disseminate information. Both sites are well organized, informative and have striking graphics.

The IFRC site, with its red on white cross and crescent, excellently explains its 163 members' structure, services and goals. A "Weekly News" section, (available in French) subdivides into sections like "Flood Relief", "Good Neighbors" and "Statutory Contributions". Both researcher and browser will find current, detailed information on its activities, participating nations and budgeting. Going back 8 months, it is an excellent tool for current events information.

The "Disaster Response" area also covers the IFRC's fundraising, education, training and meetings. Snappy report titles like "Made in Heaven" and "Set and Match" pique one's interest. The "International Federation Appeals and Situation Reports" (in reverse chronological order back to February, 1994), includes monetary appeals and detailed breakdowns of expenditures. Tables included in the paper version but unavailable with Lynx were accessible using Netscape. The "/" symbol was used for keyword searching.

A report (available in French and Spanish) on the International Conference of December 3-7, 1995, included a history of past conferences, fundamental principles, current conference daily bulletins, copies of resolutions and proceedings (by January of 1996). Graphics loaded slowly in this section. "Disaster Information" rounds out the site which provides excellent links to other organizations such as such as FEMA, WHO, CDC and the American Red Cross.

Titled Crossnet, the American Red Cross site has similar information to the IFRC's including recent reports on disasters, relief efforts and monetary and volunteer contributions. A search engine called Glimpse uses Boolean techniques. Still developing, this site has 23,000 visitors weekly, beautiful, multi-colored graphics and a clickable map or zip code entry to sections such as "What's Hot", "Where We Are", and "What We Do". Rounded out by excellent links to such diverse places as the National Hurricane Center, Weathernet and the FBI and very service oriented, it offers a chance to contribute ones HTML skills to help develop further Web pages! Promised future developments include a virtual museum, public service announcements and their own Internet Access Provider.

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