TITLE: The College and University Home Pages

ACCESS: http://www.mit.edu:8001/people/cdemello/univ.html

The value of this site lies in the simplicity of its design and its purpose--that of an on-line directory. Created by technical analyst and former MIT student Christina DeMello when she could not find a comparable service on the World Wide Web. This excellent collection of hypertext links to university and college home pages in 70 countries gives one access to a gold mine of material. Servers in a number of countries mirror these pages; no ungainly home page graphics slow one's search. The home page leads to a geographical index, an alphabetical-by-title index, and to another site devoted only to American schools.

The countless links followed from these few pages, though, blur the borders between the roles of college catalog collections, The World of Learning, and The International Handbook of Universities. With a few clicks one can locate entire college catalogs, course syllabi and materials, links to research organizations and available publications, and even electronic request forms for admission packets (University of Florida). Just as easily and as quickly, though, you might find yourself browsing ChinaNET and examining the "union list" of webservers in China. Keep in mind both the dynamic nature of such a resource and its vehicle, the Internet, too; expect to find a wildly variable amount of information from site to site, dependent upon the degree of campus web construction. While no substitute for standard reference sources, perhaps, the College and University Home Pages can make your job at Reference easier and more fun. Besides, the next time someone needs help finding information on international study programs offered for foreign students at the Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, the answer is only as far away as your keyboard.

John Creech
Reference Librarian
California State University at Monterey Bay

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