TITLE: Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology

ACCESS: http:/rome.classics.lsa.umich.edu/welcome.html

The Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology server points to Internet resources pertaining to the study of the ancient Mediterranean world. C&MA also serves as a well-organized, easy to use launching site to other "loosely-related" archaeology resources. Sources pointed to include: etexts, field projects, course-related materials, museum files, other gophers, and listservs.

Announced in October 1993, the server resides at the University of Michigan as a WWW site and a gopher site. The WWW site links to more sources, including files and images, than the gopher site. Sebastian Health, a graduate student at University of Michigan, created the site, and maintains it alone with "plenty of moral support from the faculty." Links are updated regularly.

The Field Projects section (/Table of Contents/Field Projects), accesses preliminary archaeological project reports from University of Michigan researchers, the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute reports and others, and the Archaeological Fieldwork Server in Cornell, which lists archaeological fieldwork opportunities. As an example, the files on the Leptiminus Archaeological Project, Tunisia, which was a port town under Roman Rule, includes the report text and images of the site plan, structures located on site, and some artifacts.

Why are these preliminary reports exciting? They allow a peek at information that may not appear in published format for months or years, complete with images. They could also be used in classes for discussions of various sites. The Field Projects section is a valuable resource, whose value will increase as other reports are included.

The Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology server in general is an excellent resource. Professional archaeologists, classicists, students, and archaeology/classics buffs would find it informative and fun.

Ruth Vondracek, Coordinator of Reference Services Western Oregon State College Library vondrar@fsa.wosc.osshe.edu Date of Review: Nov. 18, 1994

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