TITLE: eScholarship Repository
Access: http://repositories.cdlib.org/escholarship.

The University of California's eScholarship Repository is an open access scholarly publishing center. Created in response to the high costs and inefficiencies of the scholarly journal system, the repository provides highly visible online access to a wide range of scholarly materials. Announced in 2002, the eScholarship Repository now hosts over 800,000 freely available full-text downloads with thousands more added regularly.

The eScholarship Repository is available to all users and is sponsored by the California Digital Library (CDL), the digital library of the University of California (UC) system. It is a project of the CDL's Office of Scholarly Communication's eScholarship program and consists of scholarly output contributed by faculty from over 160 participating UC research units. These research units are responsible for selecting, editing, and depositing all materials found in the eScholarship Repository. Scholarly output includes work from authors outside the UC faculty but must be selected and managed by a UC department or unit. Difficult-to-find working papers and associated content, seminars and research results, are made accessible along with peer-reviewed journals and series. The homepage is currently announcing the repository's new Seminar Series, which supports faculty in the development of semester-long seminar and lecture series.

Search options include topic, author, year, sponsoring research department, journal or series. Readers are given a full citation and abstract, the name of the research unit, the journal or series name, and the option of downloading or printing the full-text piece. If the selected item is peer reviewed, a statement to that effect will appear as well as a link to an explanation of the peer review system. Readers are also given the option to e-mail the selected paper to colleagues. An e-mail message is generated complete with a link to the chosen piece.

The homepage hosts a "Paper of the Day" link that takes readers directly to a paper selected from the repository each day. It also displays an e-mail notification option for users interested in receiving alerts to newly published works within their field of interest. Like the rest of the CDL, the eScholarship Repository site is well organized, clean and uncluttered. Each page of the site follows the same simple, effective design and provides readers with consistent navigational tools.

Sarah Goodwin Thiel
University of Kansas Libraries

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