TITLE: IEEE Computer Society Gopher

ACCESS: gopher://info.computer.org/11/

Computer Society Online is the Gopher for the IEEE Computer Society. Virtually all of the material on this Gopher relates specifically to the Computer Society; it is not a general IEEE Gopher.

The Gopher includes Computer Society conference and journal abstracts, useful to advanced students and researchers in computer science and software engineering. Certain features such as committee rosters and membership information will be of interest mainly to current or prospective Computer Society members. The conference calendar includes non-IEEE conferences of probable interest to computer scientists, and along with a section on calls for papers, may be handy for both conference attendees and presenters.

The IEEE Computer Society is a preeminent publisher in engineering-oriented computer science. It is the intent of the Gopher managers to continue adding current abstracts of Computer Society conference proceedings, magazines, and transactions, even before they are printed. The abstracts begin for materials published in mid-1993.

A particularly complete and useable "About This Gopher Server" section appears as the first option on the main menu of Computer Society Online. This section is recommended as an overview of the scope and date coverage of each of the other sections. Additional information is available by sending e-mail to help@computer.org.

Genevieve Engel
User Services Analyst
University of California
November 20, 1994

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