Over the past year I have been perusing the Internet searching for materials that are of interest to the academic community for inclusion on our local gopher. This experience has been not unlike browsing a used books store; amidst the dusty piles of junk once in a while you come across a gem. One frustration of this pursuit has been that lacking the traditional tools, such as book reviews and publisher reputation, it is often difficult to identify and asses resources. Although many useful lists of Internet resources are available, few provide critical descriptions of the contents.

The intent of this column is to provide reviews that will take a critical eye to resources available on the Internet. These reviews will, for the most part, cover freely accessible databases, and not discussion groups. Anyone interested in reviews of discussion groups and listservs should subscribe to lstrev-l@umslvma.bitnet. This list review service is maintained by Raleigh Muns, a reference librarian at the Thomas Jefferson Library, University of Missouri.

One of the great benefits of the Internet is the ability for us to share our knowledge and expertise. All of the reviews published here will also be available and keyword searchable in the Internet Reviews Archive on the Willamette University gopher (gopher://gopher.willamette.edu:70/1/1/library/reviews). If you are interested in being a reviewer for this column, please contact me at the address below.

Happy Internauting!

Sara Amato
Systems Librarian
Willamette University

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