TITLE: The Harvard Business School Publishing Catalog


PRODUCER The Harvard Business School Publishing
Contact: technical: Scott Williams (scott_williams@cchbspub.harvard.edu)
marketing: Kate Conti (kconti@cchbspub.harvard.edu)

Students studying business, economics, and management are often asked to write case studies using Harvard Business School (HBS) case studies as models. Instead of using generic cases, students usually want to find cases on topics similar to their assignments. In addition, faculty consistently use HBS case studies in their teaching. Since HBS cases are only available through the Harvard Business School Publishing Catalog, this Internet resource is a valuable tool for students and faculty.

This resource offers electronic access to the catalog of all materials available from the Harvard Business School Publishing catalog. Although the catalog is geared towards teaching faculty, students and those in corporate training and development will find it useful as well. This electronic catalog contains twice as many items (over 6,000) and is more comprehensive than its print counterpart. It features citations to HBS case studies, _Harvard Business Review_ reprints, teaching notes, background notes, case software, videos, and HBS Press book titles. The catalog, updated monthly, covers 1989-present (except classics and best sellers which are covered back to the 1960's). Documentation about the gopher, search tips, prices, and order information are available through the gopher. A toll free number offers access to a helpful customer service department.

Each catalog entry lists the author, title, type of publication, subject area, keywords, and product number. The catalog is searchable by keyword and supports boolean operators. Search specifications are case-insensitive and an asterisk can be used for truncation. An important point to remember about searching is that a space between keywords is an implied "or." For example, articles, cases, or books on the Japanese distribution system would be searched: Japanese and distribution and system* To find just cases (or reviews) search: Japanese and distribution and system* and case Japanese and distribution and system* and review

An order form and toll free number are available through the gopher. Orders are shipped within four days and overnight delivery is available. The academic price for cases and articles typically costs $2.15 plus a shipping and handling charge, and a $10.00 minimum order is required. Because the costs are not insignificant, librarians will need to decide who will pay, students or the library.

Jan Davis Tudor Management/Business Economics Librarian Willamette University jtudor@willamette.edu

December 31, 1993

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